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CLDADM training - Introducing Cisco Cloud Administration v1.0

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Course duration                 Course price                   Corresponding exam
5 days   EUR 2.990,00 excl. BTW/VAT   #210-455
1 year access ELT EUR 1.425,00 excl. BTW/VAT   #210-455

Course description

This course covers components of the Cisco Cloud management software solution, fundamentals of Cloud infrastructure administration, reporting and charge-back, cloud provisioning, management, monitoring and remediation.

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This Cisco CLDADM Course/training is covering the following subjects:
• Cisco UCS Director
• Cisco Prime Service Catalog
• Virtual Application Container Services
• Grundlagen der Cloud Infrastructure Administration
• Reporting und Charge-back
• Verwendung von vorkonfigurierten Templates
• Cloud Management, Monitoring und Remediation

Target Audience

Cloud engineers, cloud administrators, cloud infrastructure architects, and Cisco integrators and partners who perform operations and support of Cisco cloud products and solutions.